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About Library:
The Central Library is the main library of Sapatgram College. Beginning with small but precious donated collections, it has been catering to the needs of this locality since 1972. At present it is well stocked with more than 22900 text and reference books, more than a dozen of local and national journals and a few news papers and others information sources like maps, globes, CD-ROMs etc. It also subscribes E-Journals and E-Books through NLIST developed by INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar. The Library follows open access system and it remains open from 10-00 AM to 4-30 PM on all working days. The Library is situated on the first floor of Administrative Building with reading rooms for students and teachers. The Library has been automated in 2014 using integrated Library management software SOUL 2.0 developed by INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar. In 2019 RFID technology was installed in Central Library. Applications of RFID technology enable the users for self issue and return facility. Within this RFID technology there is one anti theft security gate, Digital attendance system , Self issue return service KIOSK and one wall mount OPAC KIOSK. The Library has also an institutional repository and old question papers were uploaded in digital Library. Reprography facility is also available for student and teachers.

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